Typesetting and Print on Demand PDF

What is typesetting?

Typesetting means arranging text (using a chosen font or type) and images in a particular fashion following the rules of spelling, hyphenation, punctuation etc., of a language for visual display and printing. Typesetting in olden days is done by arranging carved out wooden or metal blocks with text on them and later using them as a printing plate. Design and typesetting these days are done by layout applications like In Design, Quark Express, Advent 3B2, Microsoft Word, and Latex.

Our Approach

Typesetting does not just involve formatting text and using appropriate margins. Book layout and design is a creative process and involves lot of testing and fine-tuning because it directly affects readability. Fixing Widows and Orphans, Adjusting Kerning (or sometimes tracking), Choosing a font, its size and Layout options that suit the context of the book, dealing with hyphenation violations, Proofreading and copyediting are all steps involved in creating a print-ready PDF. We follow all the above steps in creating a Professional Print Quality PDF unlike skipping some of the above to make the process simpler. With us, you can be assured that the quality is top-notch.

Print On Demand PDF

Print on demand is a service offered by a company to print a book singly or in small quantities based on the number of orders received. It’s a business model using special printing technology. Major POD service providers are Create Space, Lulu and Lightning Source. We can create Print on Demand files for Create Space, Lulu and Lightning Source following their specifications.