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eBook Conversion - Formatting Service - ePub,Mobi,AZW

E-Book is a shorthand notation for electronic books and it can be used to represent wide range of digital formats (Electronic representation of print books) like HTML, ASCII, Word Doc, PDFs and many others in addition to reflowable formats like EPUB and MOBI. EPUB (or Amazon’s MOBI) is both an eBook and a standard. It defines the kind of document formats to be used in creating an eBook and also helps reading systems in finding and rendering content (can be thought as website in a box).

EPUB and MOBI are more popular formats. EPUBs can be read on iPad, Nook, Sony reader, and other Android based phones and tablets. MOBI file works on All Kindle Devices and tablets (and can also suit Mobile Phones, Blackberry, Palm, IRex, ILiad, BeBook), while fixed layout file for Kindle will only work on certain Kindle devices.

Although eBooks (EPUB/MOBI) at the beginning only supported plain text and images, they evolved a lot these days allowing us to embed Audio, Video, Animations and scripts for interactivity. The main advantage of reflowable formats like EPUB/MOBI over static formats like PDF is that text adapts to the screen size of the device without having the reader to pan, zoom or scroll to read the book.

Why choose us to convert your files to ePub and Mobi ?

Even though there are several eBook Conversion companies, most of them use automated programs and some others load eBooks with a lot of text and technical errors which result in frequent rejections from retailers. As they charge the total price at the beginning itself, you don't get proper response / after sales service which may result in a mess at the end.

We are a professional team established in 2011, We never use software's/ online tools to convert files to ePub or Mobi formats. Our team have expert knowledge in building eBooks from start using HTML and CSS. We will always get updated to every new feature announced by retailers, so you can rest assured. EBooks we create are perfectly formatted and will pass all checks conducted by all eBook retailers and distributors, including: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Lulu, Overdrive, Google, Ingram, Gardners, and others.

Factors that make us unique

  • Hand Coded: Yes, you heard it right. Our team has expert knowledge in HTML and CSS, we build eBooks from scratch without using automated programs.
  • Try us before you decide (We don't charge for sample): Want to know about our work before proceeding further? We'll work on few pages of your book and will provide it for your review. If you like it then you may proceed further.
  • Tested on Actual Devices: Final eBook files after conversion will be tested on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac), Kobo, Sony eReader, and other popular smartphones and tablets.
  • Upload ready ePub and Mobi: Our standard conversion includes both .ePub and .Mobi files. You can upload these files to any retailer or distributor.
  • Optimized for Smartphones, tablets and Apps: All eBooks we create are tailored for optimal reading on smartphones, tablets and Apps.
  • Fast turnaround: Generally 3 days, Turn around time may increase depending upon complexity involved.
  • Free revisions: We'll make all necessary modifications and corrections with out any charge for life time.
  • Linked table of contents: All the text in table of content's is linked properly for easy navigation.
  • Superior Quality: We'll compare PDF/Manuscript word to word with final eBook to ensure that output eBook exactly matches that of PDF/Original version.
  • Enhanced eBooks: We can add interactive features like Audio, Video, SVG, Scripts, Animations, Region/text magnification, Narration, etc., to eBooks.
  • Linked Footnotes, Hyperlinks to other websites and other sections of the eBooks.
  • Added guide section for easy navigation on devices.
  • Properly re-sized and embedded cover image.

Our team can work with PDF, Microsoft word, In-design, Scanned documents, Adobe Page maker, Quark express, and most other digital documents. You can also send Paperbacks or Hardbacks directly to us for scanning and conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fixed-layout and reflowable eBook?
Fixed-layout or sometimes referred to as pixel perfect layout is a layout technique where pagination is fixed and text is positioned on a page rather than allowed to reflow (adapt to screen size). Fixed-layout files resemble PDFs (source file supplied) where text is positioned precisely on a page by the creator. They are suitable for Children Books, Comic Books, Magazines, manga, tour guides etc., where position of text, background art are very important. Where as in a reflowable format, text takes up the available space on the device (reflows or adapts).

What is the problem with using automated programs or online tools to convert my PDF to ePub or Mobi (Kindle) ?
They are not like humans. Automated programs / Software's or online tools can miss some text, images and paragraphs. They are also not capable of fine tuning the look and feel of an eBook and may introduce clutter. Software's / tools load your eBooks with a lot of unnecessary HTML and CSS junk which will increase the file size (increased file size is equal to the reduced profit margin). Even if the file is accepted by retailers, chances are more likely that they may remove your file even after months.

How safe are my files?
We use a firewall (in the gateway) that monitors and prevents any data leakage through web and email. We follow the best network security measures to keep your files safe.

Do my eBooks look similar to that of source files after conversion / formatting?
Yes, they always look similar to their source files in terms of look and Quality.

How do you deal with foreign languages in eBooks?
If the books involve foreign languages, extra care and attention are needed during conversion and quality checking stage so the cost of conversion may differ taking the complexity into account. Our team can work with over 40+ languages without any problems.

Why are page numbers not added in a reflowable eBook?
Page numbers do not make much sense in an eBooks since text re-flows. For example, text on one page might move to another page if reader increases/decreases the font size.

We already have eBooks can you work with them ?
Yes, we can disassemble your eBooks and can make all the necessary changes.

How can i send send documents for conversion/ formatting?
You can use whatever method you wish to send the files to us like e-mail (for few files), secure FTP (For more files) or you can even use Dropbox.